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Kirk Priddy


Some of Kirk's earliest memories are of himself playing the spoons while his parents sang and played music at family and friend gatherings. At the age of 8 he was learning how to play the drums in church. He was allowed to sit in and play while his parents sang and played a couple of songs. Soon after, Kirk's family started a Southern Gospel group and was traveling all over Oklahoma and parts of Texas playing to a wide variety of churches.

   During Kirk's teen years he was accepted into the Gifted and Talented Music program at his High School for his Junior and Senior year. His Senior year he was voted most talented by his fellow schoolmates.

   From the mid 90's to 2012 Kirk made a living as a musician playing in several country bands across both Oklahoma and Texas. In 2003 Kirk was honored to receive the Terry Awards (Drummer of the Year) for the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area.

   "It is because of the great foundation in church that we (Deanna & I) choose not to be your typical bar band. We strive to be a positive influence on our listeners. There are too many songs with positive messages to be focusing on the alternative. With the power of music we hope to influence your life in a positive manner. We are proud of the fact that all of the members of UNBROKEN are Christians and are active in church.

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Deanna Priddy


Deanna started singing at the young age of 5 years old,

traveling on a bus with her family singing gospel music for her Father's ministry. She started out playing the tambourine and singing. She then moved up to the drums and singing when her older sister married, leaving an empty drum seat.

   Her travels on the bus across the United States and Old Mexico brought many opportunities such as a contract offer to perform country music in an opening act for Conway Twitty and others. Deanna has performed in Branson along side the world famous Platter's female vocalist Dee Dee Hamilton, Gene Bradley and his son David Bradley of Sons Of The Pioneers, Susie Luchsinger and others. She performed at the Sugar Tree Theater in Branson, Missouri on a weekly basis.

   Deanna ran for political office and performed while doing so at many festivals and church events. After a long road of heartache, Deanna married her childhood sweetheart in 2012 where together they now perform in UNBROKEN around the Dallas, Texas area. The name UNBROKEN, to us, represents going through life's trials and tribulations and coming out on top.

   Deanna received a few awards along the way such as : DFW Gospel Association Female Drummer Award, DFW Gospel Association Female Vocalist Award, and the Marionville, Missouri Idol Award.

   She enjoys bringing happiness to people through her singing with a country flair and a touch of blues. She gives God all the credit and enjoys life with her husband and children.